Lingering thoughts from today’s class

– Yoga practice is not about perfecting the postures. It’s about deepening our self-awareness. Practicing the postures is a means of deepening our self-awareness.
– Self-awareness begins with the body (how does my body feel in this posture?), and then encompasses the mind (what thoughts are arising?), and eventually the spirit or soul (who am I really?).
– Eventually, self-awareness leads us to the experience/ conclusion that the self IS awareness… some call this self-realization… realizing your true self.
– So really, doing the poses perfectly is not that important in the scheme of things. And yet, deepening our self-awareness does have the effect of refining and improving our yoga postures.
– When you think about “going deeper into a posture”, it’s easy to think about bending or reaching farther. But “deepening the posture” can also mean deepening our self-awareness in the posture. Ask the mind to go deeper into body, to really feel and observe what is happening in the body – that’s when the magic of yoga begins!