About me


My name is Zofia Kumas-Tan. I am a certified yoga teacher, living and teaching in Chelsea, QC. I teach several styles of yoga, including classical yoga, yin yoga and chair yoga (click on the style for more information).

My training includes:

So, what can you expect when you come to my class? A simple approach to yoga that focuses on:

  • doing the basics well
  • building a strong, solid foundation in each pose
  • thoroughly stretching the spine and lines of the body
  • holding the postures to develop strength, endurance, flexibility and mental focus
  • coordinating breath and movement, using one to deepen the other
  • practicing safe alignment in the postures to protect and strengthen the joints
  • adapting the postures to your body, your needs
  • relaxing the body completely
  • focusing the mind intensely
  • discovering your Self

I love teaching yoga, doing yoga, talking yoga – all things yoga! I look forward to practicing with you.

Curious about my background? Before teaching yoga, I trained and worked as an occupational therapist. I worked in various settings: a rehabilitation company, developing return-to-work plans; a rehabilitation centre, in the stroke and brain injury unit; and a hospital transitional care unit, assessing safety and developing discharge plans. This background informs my yoga teaching. I teach in a way that addresses old injuries, prevents new injuries, and adapts postures to each person’s abilities. I see how therapeutic yoga can be, with benefits that extend well off the yoga mat, into all areas of day-to-day life.

I truly love teaching yoga. There is something very special about practicing yoga with others. Focusing, breathing, and moving in unison brings out the best in all of us, teacher and students alike. We teach and learn from each other. We support, inspire and encourage each other, simply by practicing side by side.

Yoga in and of itself is also a very special kind of practice. It is an excellent form of exercise, but it is also much, much more than exercise. It is a way of bringing together mind, body and spirit. The deeper we go into yoga, the more amazing it becomes, and the more we find ways to bring our yoga practice into our day-to-day lives. Yoga can change the way you live your life. I love to talk about this in class – how we can bring our learning on the mat, off the mat into ‘real life.’

Classical yoga

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Yin yoga

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Chair yoga

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