Classical yoga

Classical yoga (also called “traditional hatha yoga”) is the practice of traditional yoga postures, together with basic breathing and meditation techniques. Classical yoga is great for beginners and more advanced yogis alike, as it is both gentle and challenging at the same time. Moderately paced, this class focuses on awareness of body, movement and breath. We move into the postures only as deeply as we are able to go, given our current strength and flexibility. With consistent repetition, our abilities quickly advance.

Called “classical” or “traditional” because of its ancient roots, this physical aspect of yoga practice was originally developed as a form of exercise to help monks sit for long periods of time in meditation – and to counter the effects of prolonged sitting. The first classical yoga postures strengthened the back and opened the hips (necessary for sitting in lotus pose). Over time, postures developed to stretch and strengthen the whole body. Some postures were also used in prayer – for example, the sun salutation. And some were developed to address various physical, mental or emotional difficulties. In class, we practice these classical postures, with careful attention to alignment, breath and intention.