Introducing Sage Leaf Yoga

What makes Sage Leaf Yoga special? It is…

Accessible –  I offer private yoga lessons in your home, as well as group classes in and around Chelsea and Wakefield.

Affordable – My rates for in-home lessons are comparable to those for group classes in gyms or yoga studios.

A gentle yet challenging practice tailored to your needs and goals – Yoga is for everyone, not just the fit and flexible. We will choose and adapt yoga postures to provide the “just-right challenge” for you.

A practice for body, mind and spirit – Yoga is more than just exercise. Learn how to harness the mind and emotions, and in the process to begin discovering your True Self.

Rooted in ancient wisdom – I teach traditional hatha yoga and yin yoga, both of which are rooted in philosophies and practices that are thousands of years old. I ground my teaching in this ancient wisdom.